Is Strength Training better than Cardio?

Is Strength training better than cardio.

Yes! No. Well, depends who you ask and what you mean.

When it comes to building strength & muscle tissue, strength training is definitely a much more effective method to building muscle & strength than cardio.
Strength training can include anything that adds resistance or a load on an individual muscle or group of muscles, this is generally associated with the use of weights and can include techniques such as Calisthenics, Iso metrics & Plyometrics.

When it comes to increasing aerobic endurance capacities, cardiovascular training (cardio), is a much more effective method than strength training.
Cardio vascular training is where the body uses more oxygen for energy and by can vary in intensity from low, such as walking for example, to high, such as sprinting. 

When it comes to fat loss, a commonly asked questions for those with the goal in mind. 

A combination of the two Is most effective with a slight preference to strength training for the purpose of maintaining a healthy LBM (lean body mass) for a healthier and higher natural resting metabolic rate, this is the rate at which we burn calories at. 

So in conclusion, they are both as equally as important as each other and should both be implemented in a complete health & training plan.

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