Jordan's Story - Perinatal Stroke Survivor.
This is Jordan's story - as written by her father, Brandon Spiteri:
"Our little princess has really defined all odds, from the minute we brought her home after spending the first 4 weeks of her life in the NICU.

We originally were told she wouldn’t ever have a life outside of the hospital walls, with her needing help breathing, eating, monitoring her temperature and also told she’d never walk, see, hear or understand any human emotion. All of this occurred from a stroke which Jordy had somewhere around the time of birth.
Before or after we still haven’t been told, and may never know the true cause. But her complications came as a big surprise, the birth was an emergency C section and also quite traumatic for the both of us first time parents. When the news was broken to us we were told to choose weather to continue care and let her live her days in the hospital or let her pass peacefully.
As I’m sure you can imagine we were both struggling big time to even use the words out loud to try and discuss our options with each other and with the health professionals. We hated the position we put in. We were not told to have any hope that they could be wrong about her diagnosis. The decision to take everything off her came after days of trying to muster up the strength to converse with each other and ask the difficult questions of the extent of her brain injuries. Somehow those couple of days were all our little girl needed to find the strength we didn’t have to do everything the specialists didn’t see possible.

Jordys brain injuries are quite extensive as they are deep into her cerebellum and 80% of her brain, which to our knowledge should mean she should have troubles doing the many things she is now starting to achieve. Jordy has really developed into a beautiful little girl changing our lives forever and filling our hearts with a love neither of us could see possible.

Her journey is far from over as it has been a rollercoaster ride from having several ambulance rides and mid night scares, seizures that have stopped her breathing and turned her pale, and also her having infantile spasms and now having to be on a very strong course of steroids.

The latest events for Jordy have been the hardest for the both of the us, as it really knocked her backwards in the sense of her development. She passed her hearing test and they’re pretty certain she can see, but too what extent we won’t know till later in her life. However the steroids and spasms both changed our little princess, with her emotions, movements and brain development. Putting words to our emotions through this is incredibly hard as we are still very much in the middle of all of this and consumed every day.

Good news for us has always been followed by bad so we try very hard to take the little wins. For example, seeing how much love and support our little girl has, and how many lives she’s has touched and impacted. We are true believers in everything happening for a reason and this little miracle is taking us on the biggest life lesson we could ever imagine.

Yes it is incredibly hard but also absolutely worth it and we wouldn’t change any of it for the world. We get to hold her and see her have little moments of happiness which we cherish so much more because there once was a day we never thought this was going to be possible. The care and hospital appointments have piled up for her and will be apart of her weekly routine, day by day for Jordan, with mum and dad following ever so closely. Jordan has been apart of our lives for 7 months now and really brought a community of people together, filling our hearts with love and never ending appreciation.

From our family of three we thank nutrition capital and every body who has donated to our little miracle giving her a fighting chance. Much love Caitlin, Brandon and Jordan"