Restaurant style ricotta and pumpkin gnocchi
Restaurant style ricotta and pumpkin gnocchi
Starting to feel that winter freeze?
This restaurant style ricotta & pumpkin gnocchi will warm you up, and tickle your taste buds!



- 200g of Ollie's Kitchen sweet potato gnocchi

- 30g of baby spinach

- 200g of diced butternut pumpkin

- 70g of smooth ricotta

- 12g of honey

- 5mls of balsamic glaze


  1. Boil a pot of salted water
  1. Cook pumpkin in the pan to brown
  1. Cook gnocchi
  1. Transfer gnocchi into your pan as they rise
  1. Add spinach
  1. Add honey and toss
  1. Transfer to a bowl and top with ricotta and balsamic glaze



Cals: 524

C: 99.7g

F: 3.9g

P: 16.6g


Credit: Giorgia Tigani


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