What is the purpose of a pre-workout without stimulants?

A pre-workout without stimulants, also referred to as a 'Non-Stim Pre-workout', still serves a great purpose in the supplement stack of many gym-goers.

Although traditionally, most pre-workouts contain 'stimulants' such as caffeine, Teacrine, English Walnut/Juglans Regia or Dynamine (now banned), there is a growing market for Non-Stimulant Pre's and as such they have become quite popular within the supplement industry over the past few years.

Simply put, a 'Non-Stim' pre is a pre-workout that doesn't contain any stimulants like caffeine or the aforementioned stimulants, but may still contain many of the popular ingredients commonly found in pre-workouts, including:

  • Beta-Alanine – for endurance (tingles)
  • Citrulline Malate – for blood flow (pump)
  • Nootropics – for focus (tunnel vision)
  • Amino Acids – for recovery
  • Creatine – for power and strength

.... Amongst other ingredients.

What is the point of a 'Non-Stim' you ask?

A non-stim pre-workout can benefit individuals who may be sensitive to caffeine, train close to bed-time or simply already consume a generous amount caffeine as it is (Guilty!).

Consumption of non-stimulant pre-workout's, can still assist with many performance based attributes such as:

  • Improving mental clarity & focus
  • Enhancing endurance 
  • Increasing strength.

Not only are non-stim's great to have by themselves, but many avid gym-goers like to stack non'stim's with a stimulant based pre-workout, in order to really amplify their training!

Check out some of our favourite 'Non-Stim' pre's below:

NOTE: If you are looking to stack your stimulant based pre-workout with a non-stim pre-workout, be sure to thoroughly check over the ingredient panel of both to ensure you don't heavily cross over on the same ingredients.

Over-consumption of certain ingredients may have side affects.
If you would like a suggestion, please feel free to call your closest Nutrtion Capital store for friendly advice.

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