Supporting your goals this Ramadan

Happy Ramadan!

We recognise that a lot of our customers are fasting this Ramadan.

In collaboration with Walid, one of our muslim nutritionists, we would like to offer some advice that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Staying on top of your nutrition is a bit trickier this year given that the window of eating is smaller compared to the last decade.

Some of our tips and supplement suggestions include:

Stay Hydrated:

1. Set hydration goals and divide this between suhoor and iftar.

2. Front-load water intake during iftar to avoid nighttime issues.

3. Soups, smoothies, and shakes are great for hydration.

4. Salt your meals for faster hydration.

5. Add electrolytes for quicker hydration.

Try Hydrate by Switch Nutrition.

Consume Enough Protein:

1. Include protein in every meal.

2. If you train before suhoor or shortly before iftar, make sure to consume 30-50g of protein immediately after training.

3. If you train after suhoor or immediately after iftar, make sure to consume 30-50g of protein before training.

4. Opt for easy-to-digest protein powders.

We recommend:

HP100 by ASN

Iso-Ripped by Primabolics

Carb Smart:

1. Have carbs in every meal.

2. Pre-training? High GI carbs are key.

3. If you're training immediately after iftar, make sure you eat or drink some high GI carbs before training.

4. Liquid carbs like juices manage fullness.

5. Try mass gainers for extra carbs to hit calorie targets.

We suggest:

Extreme Carbs by International Protein

Clean Carbs by Altered Nutrition

Clean Mass by Maxs Protein

Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling Ramadan!

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