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Primabolics have reformulated their super popular RESTORE, in a new and improved powder formula: EVERYDAY SLEEP

EVERYDAY SLEEP has the backbone of the original RESTORE with the 600mg of Ashwagandha, the Lemon Balm, Holy Basil and Passionflower Extract.

But almost every ingredients dosage has been increased to create greater potency of this formulation, as well as adding new ingredients!

 In the new & improved formula, Primabolics have added in:

1) Apigenin which is amazing for sleep latency (see Chamomile)
2) Hops
3) Valerian Root
4) Over 1000mg multi-form Magnesium blend (Magnesium Bi-Glycinate, L-Threonate, Citrate)
5) GABA potentiating actives like Taurine at 3000mg, GlycineSerine and
Passionflower extract has also been tripled to 300mg vs 100mg in the original
6) ZMA blend has been upgraded to use Magnesium Bi-Glycinate vs Citrate previously

The new additions mean more addressing of GABA, increased dosages of Adaptogenic herbs, and of course, overall greater customer experience when it comes to sleep and relaxation!

Mix 2 scoops in 300ml of chilled water.

Consume 30-45 minutes before bed time.

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