Meet Daniel: 

Our in-house 'genius' Daniel knows just about everything there is to know about the human body.
With years of study - including majoring in Pharmaceutical studies, Daniel is the man to talk to regarding any in depth health topics!
Daniel is also an avid powerlifter, often seen lunging more than double his bodyweight down the length of the gym.


Q & A:

1. Biggest Pet Peeve?

2. Proudest Moment?
Completing my Bachelor of Biomedical Science & Squatting 337.5kg to be the #3 junior (Under 23) in the world in the 110kg weight class

3. What is your spirit animal and why?
Gorilla - they are big, strong and full of pride.

4. Favourite restaurant/cafe?
Kenzan Japanese Restaurant.

5. Famous Childhood Crush?
Jessica Simpson.

6. Favourite Supplement At NC & Why?
Thorne Magnesium Bisglycinate, because it is such a multifacet product that pretty much anyone and everyone could benefit from and for various reasons & circumstances too. It is also of the highest quality when it comes to it comparing to other magnesium's on the market.

7. Favourite style of training/exercise?
Favourite exercise is definitely the barbell back squat & style of training would be preferably higher load lower rep style type work.