13 Lives #GreenCardarine


Please Note - Take one capsule WITH FOOD (not to be taken on an empty stomach).

Assess tolerance and increase to two capsules split during the day.

13 Lives #Green Cardarine is by far one of the most comprehensive weight loss agents on the market. Its formulation is designed to cover everything you need to kick start that weight loss journey or to get rid of those stubborn areas that just won’t budge after a prolonged calorie deficit. It has a comprehensive blend of Capsaicinoids extracted from chill pepper, these include 300mg of Capsaicin (8-methyl-n-vanillyl-trans-6- nonenamide) alongside a 100mg blend of dihydrocapsaicin and nordihydrocapsaicin. Capsaicinoids, such as Capsaicin, work by making its way to the adrenal gland after ingestion where it stimulates the release of catecholamines.

Human studies reported that catecholamine secretion after the consumption of capsaicin at 30mg at breakfast reported a noticeable increase in energy expenditure. These finding have been reinforced by animal studies finding also that catecholamine release increases lipolysis in adipocytes and glycogenolysis in the liver. In addition to the above ingredients, the co-administration of Piperine and Emodin in Green Cardarine has a large impact on the body’s antiinflammatory markers and its antioxidant activity.

Animal studies observed that these ingredients played a role in the recovery of vital antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione. It was also found to have preventative effects of hepatoxicity on organs such as the liver. This is crucial as the liver is responsible for the detoxification of many free radical toxins that can play a major role in fat storage. Our thyroid plays a major role in fat loss and the increase in metabolism.

ThyroSupport™ has grown in popularity as it has been observed in studies to have outstanding effects on mitochondrial function, fat mass, lipid metabolism, and its positive influence on insulin resistance. This can be a major game changer in anyone who goes through a prolonged stage of dieting, as the body has mechanisms in place that when on a low calorie diet, will slow the thyroid down to instinctively preserve body fat for bodily functions.


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