13 Lives #Siesta

#SIESTA by 13 Lives
Hustle hard, grind away, coffee, more coffee, run around and hustle harder. It can get so overwhelming.
Then, between your chaotic life, you also need to fit in the gym, training and health. So, what do you tend to do? Sleep less? Overstimulate yourself with stimulants? Surely some of us can relate.
These things tend to hit us hard, make us feel sluggish, make us feel like we are trying to reach that goal post, but our feet are trailing through knee deep mud. Now, honestly there is no magic pill to fix this.
Lets be honest, we probably all need to look at some of the choices we are making but like with all things, there are aids. Meditation, better hydration, sleeping in on the weekends or having a siesta during a stressful day.

Take 3 capsules when needed at times of heightened stress.

  • Improve mood
  • Increased feelings of wellness
  • Assist in calming the mind
  • Help relax the body & mind

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