ATP Science Noway Juicy Collagen Protein



It’s Time to get Juicy with ATP's new NOWAY® flavour extension,  NOWAY® Juicy Collagen Protein. 

Collagen works & combines so well with fruity flavours and ATP's R&D team have NAILED these Juicy flavours. Launching with:

  • Grape
  • Pineapple
  • Mixed Berry
  • Pink Lemonade

Feed your collagen to help TRAIN, BUILD, and RECOVER and go time and time again. Did you know, our total body protein content consists of approximately 30% collagen?2 Making it an integral aspect of how we go about our daily lives.

Take 18g of NOWAYJuicy Collagen in 250ml of cold water as a daily protein supplement. After exercise, consume 18g of NOWAY Juicy Collagen to increase muscle mass and growth. 18g of NOWAY Juicy Collagen consumed throughout the day when you are hungry may stop you eating something naughty as it increases fullness and may reduce excessive calories at the next meal.

  • Support general health and wellbeing
  • Support collagen production
  • Support lean body mass
  • Refreshing fruity and juicy flavours
  • Gut friendly and dairy-free
  • Made with Bodybalance Collagen Peptides
  • No artificial colours or flavours

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