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Axe & Sledge GDA+ is the new glucose disposal agent that contains carbohydrate and fat blocking ingredients. The idea with GDA+ is to control insulin which is the hormone in the body that transports glycogen. Insulin is very useful in transporting glycogen to the muscles, however it is also responsible for transporting glycogen to fatty tissue. By combining the patented ingredients Axe & Sledge were able to create a product that optimises nutrient absorption and blocks glucose from storing fat. GDA+ is best used with a higher carbohydrate or fatty meal and even CHEAT MEALS! Get fuller and utilise those extra calories with GDA+.

Key Ingredients
GS4 Plus – not only does it suppress your cravings for sweet foods but it also has a host of benefits including blood sugar control, weight loss, improved GI functioning, antioxidant properties and much more!

Bioprene– is popular due to its ability to increase the level of absorption of nutrients within your body. Sometimes referred to as bioenhancement, this ability means you get more out of other nutrients that you consume.

Increase the level of absorption of nutrients within the body.
Enhancing the ability to utilise carbohydrate and fats in a much more efficient manner
Block glucose from being stored as fat
Taken either with higher carbohydrate meals or prior to training with meal to increase the pump

Directions of Use
GDA+ can be taken a few different ways depending on the goal. It can be consumed any time throughout the day with higher carbohydrate or fat meals. It can also be consumed prior to training in conjunction with a carbohydrate drink/meal for big leg or back training sessions. The GDA+ will help drive the carbohydrates into the muscle for it to be used efficiently and effectively!

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