Body Ripped D-Asapartic Acid


D-ASPARTIC ACID is the reverse, or 'right-hand' form of a common amino acid, Aspartic Acid, and may be the most effective test booster available to the athlete.

Recent studies showed a 40%+ increase in test following 12 consecutive days of D-ASPARTIC ACID use.

An increase in test levels may offer the following benefits to athletes: increased muscular output (power), energy, and aggression during weight or other high-output training; accelerated metabolism and increased fat burning; improved sex drive; and accelerated muscle growth and recovery.

For maximum benefits, athletes and bodybuilders should take D-ASPARTIC ACID before training, on a daily basis.

Take once daily, in the morning or before exercise

For increased MUSCLE PUMP
Take 2-3 hours BEFORE EXERCISE

For increased FAT BURNING
Take 2-3 hours BEFORE EXERCISE

For greater STRENGTH and POWER
Take 2-3 hours BEFORE EXERCISE

  • Increases power and energy
  • Increases fat burning
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Most effective natural testosterone booster 
  • Improves sex drive

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