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BPM Labs are known for their cutting-edge lines, and that particularly pertains to their anabolic aids. BPM Labs Testomaxxx is their long-standing, tried and tested natural Test boosting supplement, known best for the immediacy of its impact on gains and alterations to lbiido! Testomaxxx uses naturally sourced ingredient compounds to elicit significant increases in natural production of Test. That naturally increased Test can then result in lessened body fat stores, strength gains and enhancing the rate at which new muscle tissue is added to your frame

With ongoing use of BPM Labs Testomaxx, this product:

  • Can lower production of estrogen.
  • May assist in increasing lean muscle tissue.
  • May assist in increasing the body’s total Test levels.
  • May assist in increasing the body’s free Test levels.
  • Promotes Optimal Anabolic Hormone Levels for Athletes.
  • Sees regular reports of increases in energy levels!

Next time you’re thinking ‘what’s my next step to enhance my athletic performance’ or ‘how can I safely add more muscle to my frame’ look towards BPM Labs Testomaxxx. To take complete and total advantage of the products benefits, try stacking it with BPM Labs Estroblok for a more complete anabolic environment, and enhancements to libido!

Average QuantityPer ServPer 100g
Fat, total0g0g
Sodium D-Aspartic Acid1000mg31g
25R, Spirostan-5A-diol-6-one-3-one Decanoate125mg3.8g
Bulbine Natalensis Herbal Extract75mg2.3g
Tribulus Carthamoides Herbal Root Extract75mg2.3g
Rhaponticum Carthamoides herbal root extract50mg1.5g


Other Ingredients: Artificial Colours

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