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Want your gains in all the right places? Unlike aggressive mass gainers that are filled with low-quality carbs, simple sugars and empty calories, Nitrovol is designed for those looking to build high quality muscle without fear of adding that extra bulk.


With a perfect macronutrient 40:60 protein to carbohydrates ratio, Nitrovol Lean Muscle is a higher protein gainer to support a stronger and more muscular physique, and has only 224 calories per serve which is great for putting on muscle without added body fat.






If you know what the words mean, you’ll know that they matter when it comes to muscle mass. Built on a foundation of whey protein concentrate and micellar casein, Nitrovol contains a blend of fast and slow proteins – fast protein to stimulate protein synthesis, and slow proteins to promote an anti-catabolic environment in the hours after exercise.


Nitrovol delivers 22g of protein to muscle cells in multiple phases to take optimal advantage of the body’s anabolic window post-workout, while also providing a slow release of amino acids over an 8 hour period to protect against muscle breakdown via the slow digesting properties of casein.






Not just a protein, Nitrovol is enhanced with added nutrients, aminos and electrolytes to provide a complete solution for performance, recovery and muscle growth. It delivers 3000mg of Creatine, 6000mg of essential amino acids and 2800mg of branched chain amino acids per serve, plus added glutamine for a stronger and more powerful workout, enhanced muscle growth, reduced soreness and a faster recovery – all key elements to stronger and more muscular physique.


The blend of slow and fast absorbing carbs in Nitrovol replace essential muscle glycogen stores depleted by intense and shuttle vital nutrients into muscle cells to accelerate recovery and growth, while providing the sustained energy you need to keep going after your last set.


The perfect protein supplement for those looking to build lean muscle

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