EHPlabs Oxyshred Non-stimulant


EHP Labs OxyShred Stim Free fat burner is a powerful, safe, and effective stimulant-free fat burner with a science-based formula designed to burn fat, control hunger cravings and enhance metabolic support.

With a unique combination of clean and natural fat burning ingredients, EHP Labs OxyShred Stim Free is perfect for anyone intolerant to stimulants looking to optimize their fat loss efforts.

As well as the fat burning properties, OxyShred Non-Stim also includes mood enhancing Nootropic ingredients, razor sharp focus elevation and the full B Vitamin spectrum for wellness and natural energy production.

On training days, take 1 scoop in the morning with 10oz (295ml) of cold water. Then take another scoop 10 minutes before  exercise.

On non-training days, take 1 scoop with 10oz (295ml) of cold water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Avoid eating other foods or drinking a protein shake within 20 minutes after consuming Oxyshred Non-Stim Ultra Concentration. 

-Burn and shred without stimulants 

-Enhances energy and immunity

-Enhances focus and mood 

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