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What is Carbotein?

High quality fuel is vital for a luxury car to run well, and your body deserves high quality energy! Premium carbohydrate supplements like CarboteinⓇ are made to fuel muscle strength, endurance and rapid recovery, no matter how hard you work.

CarboteinⓇ is a scientifically advanced formula ideal for loading glycogen into the muscles, with 6 different types of fast-acting carbohydrate sources. By consuming adequate fuel before, during and after training the body is ensured a supply of rapid energy and glycogen replenishment.

The addition of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and electrolytes makes CarboteinⓇ a truly smart workout formula. Replenishing BCAAs and electrolytes supports rapid repair and hydration, all in one formula. BCAAs are the building blocks of our body, assisting with muscle growth, endurance and repair.

The secret to CarboteinⓇ’s success with exercise performance is the advanced FuelGen™, a proprietary carbohydrate matrix. A blend of 6 different carbohydrate sources allows for a rapid supply of glucose, while also promoting a sustainable method of storing glycogen.

What are the benefits of training with CarboteinⓇ?

  • Rapid muscle glycogen replenishment for energy
  • Enhanced muscular output
  • Everlasting energy and endurance
  • Advanced recovery from hard training sessions
  • Prevent DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Superior hydration with electrolytes
  • Ease of digestion compared to solids.
  • Cost effective- 50 serves per tub

Carbohydrate loading is a tried and true method of increasing exercise performance, by attempting to store as many carbohydrates in the body as possible. The storage of carbohydrates, or glycogen, in the muscles and liver can be quickly accessed during physical exertion, of long or short periods of time.

Carb loading can be done over several days for serious endurance athletes, or around exercise times during regular training schedules. Fatigue can become an issue if glycogen levels are too low, with studies showing adequate amounts can significantly improve energy and performance.

What is the best way to carbohydrate load with Carbotein?


For maximum muscle glycogen, take 1 scoop/serving 15-30 minutes before training.

During training

To support energy levels and muscular output, drink ½ serving (½ scoop) every 30 minutes. Endurance athletes in prolonged training or competition should consume 1 serving in 8-10 oz of water for hydration.


For workouts lasting up to 90 minutes, take ½-1 serving within 30 minutes after training. Follow with at least 20 g of protein like GAT Whey protein. 

For workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes, take 1 serving post-training, and another serving 60 minutes later.

PRE-TRAINING: Fuel yourself to spare muscle glycogen (storage form of glucose) and prevent early fatigue, drink 1 serving 15-30 minutes pre-training.

DURING TRAINING: To support glucose levels and sustain muscular output, drink ½ serving every 30 minutes. Endurance athletes competing in prolonged exercise should sip 1 serving in 8-10oz. water for more energy and hydration.

POST-TRAINING:  For workouts lasting up to 90 minutes, consume ½-1 serving within 40 minutes post-training. Follow this with at least 20g of high-quality protein, such as 1 serving of Whey Protein®. For workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes, consume 1 serving of CARBOTEIN® post training and another 1 serving 60 minutes later.

Directions for Use: Prepare each individual serving used by mixing it with 6-8 oz (200-250 ml) of cold wa ter, with ice cubes, if desired, in a shaker bottle, water bottle, or blender. Add 3-4 oz (100-125 ml) of water for each additional serving used.

  • Supports a mass-building phase of training and when you want to push it to the max. Fuel with CARBOTEIN® before and during your workout.
  • Contains six specialty carbohydrates, a matrix consisting of highly branched cyclic dextrin, oligodextrin, soluble maize Fibersol®, and more.
  • 1.3 g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), to support muscle anabolism.†
  • As a concentrated source of calories, CARBOTEIN® helps hard-training athletes with muscle building.†
  • Flavored with a low-GI nutritive sugar that brings the taste to a refreshingly delicious peak.

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