Healthwise Proline


Healthwise® L-Proline is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade amino acid powder. 

L-Proline is the amino acid necessary for the production of collagen and cartilage and is actively involved in the body's production of glutamic acid.



Virtually all of the proteins in the human body contain L-Proline.

Plants also use Proline to generate tissues such as pollen.

> Specific Amino: L-Proline
> Specific Weight:  L-Proline = 2000mg

Note:  The above measurements display the amount of milligrams per amino equivalent to a 5ml metric teaspoon. Powders are loosely filled, levelled but not compacted.

As a dietary supplement for general health take up to 2gm with coconut water or juice between meals.

 Best taken with powdered vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

HealthWise® Amino Powders are pure pharmaceutical grade powders and are packed by weight not volume, without the use of fillers or flowing agents. Some of the powders are slightly hygroscopic (retain moisture) and this can result in clumping. This can be broken apart with a spoon before taking or dissolved in water.

  • 100% pure powder
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Packed without fillers or flowing agents

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