Macro Mike Peanut Protein Bar


After a long quest of trying and testing each and every single bar out there, Macro Mike believe they have created the best tasting all natural plant based protein bar in the UNIVERSE!

These delicious protein bars pack an impressive 10-11g complete plant based protein per bar, it’s blended with REAL ingredients like dates and rice malt syrup, and it's free from artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols, fake fibre or words you can’t pronounce. 

What you can expect is an absolutely delicious high protein, functional snack.

They’ve also packed in some healthy fats from coconut so you get a nice hit of MCT’s and they’re bursting with gut nourishing fibre. 

The Game Changer:

Choccy Nutter:

We Jammin':

It's Bananas:

Tear open & enjoy when you're feelin' snackissshh!

  • Have a complete plant-based protein bar free of nasties and any artificial colour or flavours.
  • Consume 10g of protein from our protein blend of peanut, pea and rice protein.
  • Nourish your belly with a delicious and nutritious snack.
  • Ingest only 164 calories so you can stay on track of your fitness and health goals.
  • Be amazed that you will be able to read and pronounce each ingredient in this bar. Yes, there’s no sugars, alcohols, artificial fibres or any other compounds that you can’t pronounce. 

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