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Muscletech Performance Series Hardgainer Creatine Formula “Celltech” is a creatine blend that has been designed for athletes and active individuals, those who require both maximum strength and size gains.

Muscletech Performance Series Celltech will give you a multi-stage combination of carbohydrates that will force a powerful insulin spike right after your workout.  This spike will send creatine and other necessary nutrients into the muscles, rapidly replenishing your glycogen stores  and facilitating glycogen compensation. This will provide you with an intense muscle volumizing effect.   The added BCAA's aid in recovery and help with muscle growth.


The creatine in  Celltech will feed your muscles and help to increase your body's muscle mass.  Celltech's unique blend is one of the top supplements of its kind. Adding this supplement to your regimen will help to give you the muscle gain you've been searching for.

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