Qualia Energy Shot


12 high purity nutrients to fuel energy & cognition

9 Nootropic compounds

3 Adaptogen extracts

2 NAD Boosters

1 Choline Donor


Our formula is rooted in the scientific understanding that pound for pound the brain uses the most energy of any organ. 

  • Promotes Acetylcholine & Neurotransmitter Signaling
  • Supplies NAD+ Precursors
  • Supports Serotonin System 
  • Upregulates Antioxidant Defenses
  • Enhances Neuroprotection Mechanisms

Targeting the following functions of the brain:

  • Attention
  • Working Memory 
  • Executive Function
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Reaction Time And Processing Speed
  • Mental Effort And Fatigue
  • Neurotransmitter Signaling
  • Acetylcholine Signaling
  • Mood and Stress Resistance and Resilience
  • Cerebral Metabolism and Cell Energy 
  • Cerebral Blood Flow
  • Motor and Physical Performance
  • Social Cognition
  • Vision 

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