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Algae EPA-DHA  features a 500 mg of Algal Oil, a plant-based alternative to traditional fish oil. It is made from ocean algae, a natural source of EPA and DHA.

Whether you’re embarking on a plant-based diet for the first time or have been vegan for years, getting enough omega-3 fatty acids is critical. The EPA and DHA omega-3s are non-existent in the vegan diet, putting you at high risk of compromised brain function and poor health. 

The only vegetarian source of omega-3 is ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) from hemp, flax, or chia seeds. Although ALA is a precursor to the omega-3s EPA and DHA, our bodies can't efficiently convert to the EPA and DHA they need. To get just 550 mg of EPA and DHA, you'd have to eat a 6-ounce bag of flax or chia seeds! That's a lot of seeds to crunch. Algae EPA-DHA gives you that same amount in two sustainably sourced, plant-based softgels.

Benefits of EPA and DHA

Scientists first started studying the health-promoting effects of EPA and DHA in the Eskimos who have a low rate of heart disease. Further studies show diets high in cold-water fish are associated with longevity and better health. This led nutrition experts working with plant-based eaters to search for a safe, vegan EPA and DHA source. Enter algae!

The reason fish are high in EPA and DHA is that they eat microalgae. Supplementing with algae goes right to the source for EPA and DHA. 

EPA and DHA play a powerful role in health throughout the lifespan. As a growing fetus in the womb, they lay the groundwork for cognition and visual acuity. As a child, they support learning and focus, playing an important role in avoiding ADHD and autism. As an adult, EPA and DHA help you avoid depression while laying the groundwork for cognitive function as you age. They come in handy during the chaos years by helping the body bounce back from stress and support metabolism. In your senior years, EPA and DHA help counter brain inflammation and may prevent the development of dementia.


Clinical research shows the following benefits of EPA and DHA:


Supports Cognitive Function & Mood*: DHA is vital for the brain, improving neurotransmitters that regulate learning. EPA and DHA also work together to protect brain cells from inflammation.

Improves Metabolic Function*: EPA and DHA improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar disposal into cells.

Eases Stress*: EPA and DHA calm the body’s response to physical and psychological stress.

Improves Pregnancy Outcomes*: EPA and DHA are essential for growth and development of a fetus.

Boosts Mood*: EPA and DHA balance brain chemistry, improving mood and reducing depression.

Counters ADHD*: EPA and DHA improve attention and focus in children.

Supports Athletic Performance*: EPA and DHA play a role in powering exercise, ensuring muscles have the oxygen for maximal efforts.

Promotes Muscle Repair*: EPA and DHA ease inflammation associated with intense exercise and may help reduce DOMS muscle soreness.

Supports Cardiovascular Health*: EPA and DHA counter risk factors for heart disease, improving cholesterol and lowering blood pressure and triglycerides.

Reduces Pain*: By lowering inflammation, EPA and DHA may reduce pain, especially in joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Improves Liver Health*: EPA and DHA support metabolic processes in the liver, reducing inflammation that leads to liver disease.

Enhances Bone Health*: EPA and DHA support bone building for better bone health with aging.

Improves Immunity*: EPA and DHA improve the immune response via its role in regulating inflammation and the function of immune cells.


What Makes This Product Different?

Sustainably sourced.

Algae EPA-DHA is 100 percent plant-based from non-GMO sources and contains no fish or animal products, making it suitable for vegans. It is carefully formulated from sustainable sources, with no impact to the world’s fish population.  

Superior quality and purity.

As with all Poliquin Group products, Algae EPA-DHA provides the highest quality sustainably sourced omega-3s and meets or exceeds the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Our omega-3 products are thoroughly tested on multiple levels for dioxins, heavy metals, PCBs, and chemical contaminants. 

All of our omega-3 products are also tested for oxidation and rancidity markers. Essential fatty acids are highly prone to oxidation, which produces harmful lipid peroxides that can damage health. 

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