Pukka Organic Tea


40g x 20 Sachets.

Pukka Herbs have created an extensive range of delicious organic herbal teas for every mood and moment. Each bag of Pukka tea is specially blended by their resident master herbalist Sebastian Pole to formulate the most flavoursome teas with unique therapeutic properties to help balance the body and mind. Each of the herbs used in their blends is fair trade and independently grown to ensure minimal impact on the environment. All ingredients are 100% natural and organic and do not contain artificial flavours or sweeteners of any kind.

Nurture healthier, happier lives With Pukka Tea

Using the natural and organic ingredients found in plants, Pukka Herbs nurtures the human relationship they share at every production stage. From farmers to sourcing partners and everyone in between, Pukka maintains ethical operations that help to regenerate our environment. Pukka is built upon the values of organic farming, fair trade and conservation through commerce. Make a positive change for the future, one cup of Pukka tea at a time.

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