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Dragon’s Breath Black pre workout is the all new, higher stim version of the old favourite. Dragon’s Breath Black boasts 350mg Caffeine, 200mg English Walnut extract, along with a healthy dose of Betaine for muscle power, and Glycine for Neurotransmitter support, giving you the energy, clarity and pump to power through any workout.

With the addition of Nitrosigine, responsible for significantly increasing Nitric Oxide levels in the blood as quickly as 30 minutes after consumption, Dragon’s Breath Black can significantly increase muscle pumps and endurance, along with cognitive function.

With no added Beta-Alanine, there’s no nasty tingles or itchy feelings that many associate with pre workouts, making it suitable for first time users or seasoned vets in the pre workout space.

Red Dragon Nutritionals have put together a highly effective formula which is listed in detail on their full disclosure label.

Shake 1 Scoop (8.7g) in 1100ml of cold water until dissolved

Take 15-20 minutes before training 

  • Assists you with weight/fat loss
  • Enhances your overall brain function 
  • Increases blood flow during exercise - boost your muscle pumps 
  • Enhances your focus
  • Improves mental performance (become more focused in stressful situations)
  • Decreases your appetite
  • Increases your levels of dopamine - to make you feel more positive while you're working 
  • has NO caffeine crash


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