Redcon1 HALO

  1. What is HALO? HALO consists of 100mg of 5-alpha hydroxy laxogenin, a class of compounds known as brassinosteroids that are a naturally occurring plant steroid. Laxogenin has no effect on your endocrine system so there is no effect to your own natural hormone levels.
  2. What benefits are there to taking HALO?  Taking HALO will improve nitrogen retention as well as increase protein synthesis. What does this mean? This means you will potentially recover faster from training sessions, gain lean muscle quicker, etc. Additionally, laxogenin has been shown to reduce cortisol, cortisol is responsible for breaking down lean muscle tissue.  
  3. When should I take HALO?  The best time to take HALO is (1) capsule 2x daily with food.  
  4. Is HALO only for men?  With HALO being non-hormonal, it is safe for both men and women to take. Both men and women want lean, dry muscle gains and HALO provides that without any effect on your natural hormone levels.  
  5. Do I need to take any PCT after taking HALO?  With HALO, there is no need for a PCT since it has no effect on the endocrine system. In fact, HALO makes a great PCT for individuals who take prohormones because it will help with protein synthesis and maintaining lean muscle mass gained from being on a prohormone.
  6. Do I need an anti-estrogen with HALO?  As stated previously, HALO has no effect on testosterone or estrogen levels so there is no need for an anti-estrogen. Since testosterone levels are not increased, there is no change for aromatization of excess testosterone.  
  7. When is the proper time to take HALO?  Ideally we recommend taking HALO with your first meal upon waking and another serving with your last meal before bed.  
  8. How long can I take HALO for?  To optimize the effects from HALO, it is recommended to take it for 12-16 weeks consistently before coming off for 3-4 weeks.  
  9. Will I test positive for steroids with HALO?  With HALO, there is no chance to test positive for anabolic steroids. Again, it is non-hormonal so having a false positive test is not a concern.

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