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So you're probably looking at this and wondering if this is for you?

For the write ups on E-Balance and F-Cardio click the link to head over to their respective pages.


The basics on how these work together:

  • Decrease Fatty deposits in stubborn areas via detox of excess estrogens.
    Men- Lower Chest, Love handles, lower back. 
    Women - Neck, Back of arms, lower abdomen, hips & thighs.
  • Increase lean muscle tissue to lower body fat percentage
  • regulate hormones 
  • Loss in water retention via regulation of estrogen & aldosterone.
  • reduce bloating 
  • Revamp thyroid function to increase caloric expenditure

Together these to make a neat little duo to any one looking to change their body fat percentage (For those doing challenges, big yes.) via increasing lean muscle tissue and loweing body fat percentage  & water retention.

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