Rival Nutrition Clean Gainer


The athletes choice for greater gains!


Can’t get the food in that is necessary to grow but don’t want to fill up on cheap, nasty, filler loaded weight gainers?


Clean Gainer from Rival Us has been designed by the Athlete, for the Athlete who wants REAL food and REAL gains, not that fluffy sugar bloat too many beginner lifters fall victim to.



30g Protein

90g Carbohydrates

7g Fat

Combining a full spectrum of high-quality protein sources to ensure optimal amino acid availability alongside real food natural carbohydrate sources such as quinoa, oat fibre and brown rice, Clean Gainer epitomises what it truly means to be food in a liquid form.




It doesn’t stop there.


Clean Gainer contains high-quality dietary fats in avocado and flaxseed, while also supporting optimal micronutrient intake via the inclusion of wild blueberries, monk fruit, ginger root for digestive support and other antioxidant based foods for improving general health.


With less than 8g of sugar per serve, Clean Gainer is truly the one stop shop of all weight gainers for guys or girls looking to gain high-quality lean mass from high-quality food.


Instantized mixability, great taste and clump free... what more could you ask for?

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