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We could talk about the 20 grams of premium protein from whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, and milk isolate. We might then point out that these same nutritionally complete sources supply naturally occurring EAAs and BCAAs, which are important for muscle recovery. We could also mention that each serving is gluten free, packed with hunger-filling fiber, and contains just 3g of added sugar or fewer. But few would really care about any of this if baR1 Crunch Bars didn’t deliver indulgent flavor, satisfying crunch, and on-the-go convenience. Fortunately, baR1 raises every bar from great taste to sensible nutrition.

ZERO Gluten

ZERO Trans Fat

ZERO Gelatin

ZERO Artificial Flavors

ZERO Prep Needed

ZERO Compromises


Delicious crispy, creamy texture

20g protein from whey & milk

12-15g hunger-filling fiber

Naturally packed with EAAs/BCAAs

5-8g net carbohydrates

0-3g added sugar

5-8 grams net carbs

Go-anywhere convenience

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