White Wolf Shape Shifter


White Wolf Nutrition’s all new Fat Burner, SHAPE SHIFTER combines some of the most effective and industry leading fat burning ingredients available.

It contains a unique blend of Lean GBB™, Vaso6™, Cocobuterol™, and Cell Charge™ with Acetyl L-Carntine, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Grains of Paradise, L-Tyrosine, Citrus Aurantium and Natural Caffeine to activate the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity while increasing mental drive, clarity and focus.

The natural blend also promotes good gut health and is KETO friendly. All this without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!

Mix 1 scoop (4g) in 470ml of water. Shake or stir for 5-10 seconds or until powder is dissolved. 

Best consumed in the morning or once in the early afternoon.

Note: do not consume more than 1 serve within 24 hours. Do not consume before sleep.

  • GoMCT™, TeaCrine™ & Cell Charge™
  • Sustained Energy, Better Focus & Clarity 
  • Natural Thermogenic Support
  • Keto Friendly 

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