Wild One Alkaline Water


Wild One Alkaline Water pH 9-10 gives you faster, longer lasting ultra-hydration compared to drinking normal water. The molecules are smaller and more readily absorbed by your body’s cells, helping you to rehydrate quicker. This higher level of hydration is perfect way to replenish after a workout. Alkaline water helps neutralise the acidity in our body, lowering excessive acidic levels caused by poor diet, stress or toxins. Alkaline Water is a great source of potent antioxidants helping to protect your body from the harmful effects of damaging free radicals, boosting immunity. These antioxidants can also assist in combating the effects of cell damaging free radicals on the body helping to slow the aging process. Wild One Alkaline water is rich in naturally occurring minerals including magnesium and calcium, both are important in maintaining healthy bones.Wild One Alkaline water tastes amazing and is the perfect way to keep your bodyin balance.


Maximum Shelf Life 24 Months From Date of Production

Product can be stored under ambient Temperature Under 30•C

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