What supplements should I take to achieve a healthy diet?

What supplements should I take to achieve a healthy diet?

When it comes to supplements, we refer to these as tools to help aid and cover gaps their may be in your diet, and at Nutrition Capital, we believe in food first. 

In cases where nutritional needs aren’t being met, which is a very common occurrence, we have a base set of recommendations to help cover common gaps, these include but aren’t limited to:

Protein Powder 

In cases where individuals are quite active, we recommend protein powders in diets where protein levels are inadequate, which is common as most people prefer to not eat as much meat & struggle to hit their protein requirements with meat-free alternatives.
The need for high protein comes from muscles need for protein after exercise and worn out with micro-tears, the protein is used in the repair and growth stages of the muscle fibres regeneration, resulting to a happy, strong, healthy muscle!

Vitamin D 

A very commonly deficient mineral, this is a mineral that we get predominantly from sun exposure but as we spend more time indoors we have become a society that is quite Vitamin D deficient.
Vitamin D is crucial for the retention of Calcium which is crucial for bone health but also plays a big role in immunity, muscle & heart health.


This commonly deficient mineral has no way of indicating a deficiency via blood samples and the signs are usually seen through its deficiency symptoms which include but aren’t limited to:

Poor Sleep quality, mood swings, muscle spasms, insulin resistance, increased blood pressure & fatigue.

Magnesium plays a role in over 700 enzymatic reactions in the human body and is a crucial mineral that is very easily depleted. While we recommend increasing magnesium rich foods such as nuts, this supplement is easily a staple recommendation from us. 


This is a mineral that has no system of storage within the human body so it must be consumed on a daily basis via dietary intake or supplemented.
Zinc plays a big role in hormone balancing, which is quite important with males and plays a role in the production for stomach acid, which is important for the proper absorption of other important minerals. 

Vitamin B 

This is one of our staple go to supplements for those looking to increase their energy levels, while we will recommend rich vitamin B foods such as fruits, vegetables & yeasts, supplementing Vitamin B can be a sure way to boost natural energy.
This vitamin is crucial in the breakdown of fats & carbs to glucose, usable energy.
Medications, Caffeine & lack of dietary vitamin B are common factors to low levels.

To keep it simple & brief, these are a small list of recommendations we can suggest to help you reach your optimal state of being. 

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