Meet Daniel: 

Our in-house 'genius' Daniel knows just about everything there is to know about the human body.
With years of study - including majoring in Pharmaceutical studies, Daniel is the man to talk to regarding any in-depth health topics!
Daniel is also an avid powerlifter, often seen lunging more than double his body weight down the length of the gym.


Q & A:

1. Biggest Pet Peeve?

2. Proudest Moment?
Completing my Bachelor of Biomedical Science & Squatting 337.5kg to be the #3 junior (Under 23) in the world in the 110kg weight class

3. What is your spirit animal and why?
Gorilla - they are big, strong and full of pride.

4. Favourite restaurant/cafe?
Kenzan Japanese Restaurant.

5. Famous Childhood Crush?
Jessica Simpson.

6. Favourite Supplement At NC & Why?
Thorne Magnesium Bisglycinate, because it is such a multifacet product that pretty much anyone and everyone could benefit from and for various reasons & circumstances too. It is also of the highest quality when it comes to it comparing to other magnesium's on the market.

7. Favourite style of training/exercise?
Favourite exercise is definitely the barbell back squat & style of training would be preferably higher load lower rep style type work.