Meet Vanessa:

When energy is combined with passion, the end result is our very own 'super-mum' Vanessa!
Being a 'super-mum' herself, Vanessa is extremely passionate about helping other mothers achieve their health & fitness goals all while juggling the chaos and challenges that is attached to motherhood.
If you are wanting to find the best healthy snacks, then our snack Queen Vanessa is the person to talk to.
Meet Vanessa


Q & A:

1. Biggest pet peeve?
Oh the list could go on! Haha!
1. Don’t drag your feet
2. Put things back where you got them from
3. Stop making excuses for everything your not doing
4. Just because it rains , that does not mean you have to drive at 30ks under the speed limit
5. Saying no offence after hurting someone’s feelings- just be kind to all with no judgement :)

2. Proudest moment?
I must say when I gave birth to my baby girl Milania and became a mum.

3. What is your spirit animal and why?
A leopard for sure! They are beautiful to look at, fast, strong and will do anything to protect their pride.

4. Favourite restaurant/cafe?
Lucy Liu

5. Famous childhood crush?
I really want to say Justin Bieber but his younger then me haha! I would have to say Cameron Gigandet from the OC and my husband Daniel who I met at the age of 13!

6. Favourite supp and why?
100% cannot live without the Thorne magnesium bisglycinate- as it contains Glycine it helps promote relaxation and stress reduction leading me to feel calmer from day to day, more focused and get better quality sleep! As my weekly schedule is very busy between gym, my little one and work this is a non-negotiable supplement for me.

7. Favourite style of training/exercise?
Resistance training for sure! Anything shoulders and lats ! I used to be a girl that loved training legs and glutes and my upper body always looked weak and fragile- hence why I love to now continuously develop my upper body equally with my lower body!