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Formulated specifically for women, Primal Energy offers a natural synergy of vitamins and minerals that will restore your energy and vitality in the in the convenience of beef organ capsules and beef organ powder.

Containing iron, B-vitamins, CoQ10 and essentials fat soluble vitamins, Primal Energy beef organs for women replenishes key nutrients that are largely forgotten on a modern diet.

 Serving typeCapsulesPowder (as made up) Powder Only
Serving Size4 Capsules 2.48g3g + 2tbsp YoghurtAvg Qty Per 100g
Energy50.3 kJ312kJ2100 kJ
Protein1.8 g8.8g77 g
Fat0.5 g1g19.7 g
- Saturated0.2 g0.5g6.4 g
Carbohydrates0 g6.2g0 g
- Sugars0 g6g0 g
Sodium8 mg94 mg349 mg
Iron3.1 mg4.7 mg155 g
Vitamin A159 mcg328 mcg7960 mcg
Vitamin B-124.5 mcg7.3 mcg225 mcg



VitaminsPer 2g Serve
Niacin900 mcg
Pantothenic acid540 mcg
Riboflavin140 mcg
Vitamin A159 mcg
Vitamin B124.52 mcg
Vitamin B630 mcg
Vitamin D0.15 IU
Minerals              Per 2g Serve
Copper250 mcg
Heme Iron3.1 mg
Magnesium1.45 mg
Phosphorus22.54 mg
Potassium24.94 mg
Selenium2.3 mcg
Sodium5.21 mg
Zinc190 mcg


Ingredients: 81% Australian Beef Organs [Liver, Spleen, Heart & Kidney, 19% Bovine Gelatine Capsule (120mg).

Mix 2g (1/2 teaspoon) with your favourite yogurt or smoothie, alternatively sprinkle onto food when cooking.

  • Increased Energy
  • Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
  • Enhanced Mood
  • More Restorative Sleep
  • Positive Overall Wellbeing

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