Cyborg Sport Grass-fed WPI


Grass Fed WPI by Cyborg Sport is an ultra-premium protein supplement designed to support serious muscle gains and significantly decrease recovery time. Derived from only the cleanest, grass-fed dairy sources and micro-filtered to ensure purity, Grass Fed WPI by Cyborg Sport contains no added fillers or gums meaning it is easy to digest and immediately available for the body’s protein needs.

Extremely high in protein and low in fats and carbs, Grass Fed WPI is the ultimate addition to any nutrition-conscious athlete’s diet.

Try Cyborg Sport Whey Protein Isolate for your next protein choice!

Mix one serve (1 scoop) with 200ml cold water in a shaker. Consume after training and between meals 2-3 times per day.

  • Grass Fed = Richer natural occurring Amino Acids
  • Less than 1g Carbs & Fat = Virtually NOTHING!
  • Ease of digestion
  • NO Artificial Colours or Flavours 
  • Australian Brand 
  • Tastes Delicious! 
  • Safe For Sport 
  • NO Gums 

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Lee
Best protein ever

I will never buy anything else. This is so clean and so tasty. Get onto it now! Grass fed whey all the way!

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