Faction Labs Disorder


Disorder is the first product to be released from the new Faction Labs brand and they are already taking the pre-workout industry by storm.

This Pre-workout is NOT for the faint heart (literally) or for beginngers as it is VERY high stimulant. 

If you're someone who finds them self saying "I dont feel anything" when using other pre-workouts then give a ONE scoop of Disorder a go.... ONE SCOOP..... if this is sounds like you we know you're already thinking about double scooping.

If you just a pre to feel like youre on top of the world and euphoric energy, then again, Disorder is for you.

Now lets dig in a little more, Disorder is also great for pumps with 6g Citrulline added per scoop for nitric oxide production and Norvaline added to sustain those pumps.

Not only is there energy that will have you jumping off the walls, it also contains nootropics to dial your focus in to increase memory, concentration and enhance the mind-to-muscle connection.


Key Features:

  • High Stimulant (over 500mg of stims - 450mg being caffeine)
  • Nootropic/Focus 
  • Loaded with Beta Alanine for endurance & power.....and yes, the tingles.
  • Hordenine added to assist with bronchodialtation (where we can increase O2 uptake)
  • Tastes awesome!

As you can see already, this is a pre-workout not to be taken lighlty that may or may not have you hearing colours and seeing words.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten Free

Mix 1 (one) scoop with 800ml of water and consume pre-workout.

  • May increase muscle pumps
  • May deliver razor-sharp focus
  • May boost energy
  • May increase strength 
  • May enhance fat metabolism

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