Naked Harvest Thrive Plant Protein


A plant protein with added benefits? We've got just the thing! Check it out... THRIVE contains no hidden nasties or artificial ingredients. To make things even better, we've formulated our protein supplement with added superfoods, minerals and functional ingredients to promote a thriving, healthy body from the inside out. 

THRIVE is vegan, all natural, gluten-free & free from refined sugars.

All you need is three levelled NH clip scoops or two heaped tablespoons of Thrive Protein into 200-400ml of water (or whatever liquid you prefer!). 

Don't forget to shake well!

-Solves the vegan dieter's issue of constantly looking for new protein sources to increase protein intake

-Improved digestion

-Metabolism booster (i.e. works to assist with weight loss during daily activities) 

-Keep yourself fuller for longer

-Can help you look & feel younger

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