Nutrition Capital Single Tail Lifting Straps

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Smash your PR's with our all new NC Single Tail Lifting Straps!

Made using a premium, heavy-duty 100% cotton body, these lifting straps include non-slip rubber dimples to ensure top-quality gripping whilst performing your heaviest lifts.

A super-handy accessory to have in your gym bag for your next PR day!

  • Durable material
  • Non-slip grip pads to ensure stability
  • Great for heavy compound lifts when your grip strength can't match the weight.
  • Handy way to focus on isolating a muscle group & maximising Mind-to-Muscle connection.
  1. Wrist Wrapping

    • Thread the single tail through the loop of the opposite end of the strap, and place your hand through. The single tail should run in the same direction as your thumb.
  2. Tail Placement:

    • Wrap the tail end of the strap around the grip of the barbell (or dumbbell) and secure it tightly for added wrist support.
  3. Adjustment:

    • Adjust the tightness of the strap according to your preference, ensuring a secure but comfortable fit.
  4. Exercise Execution:

    • Perform your chosen exercise, focusing on maintaining a solid grip and proper form.

For a full tutorial video, click here or check out our Instagram page.

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