Switch Nutrition Power Switch V3


We have a powerful blend of Natural Caffeine, Hordeum, EnXtra™ and Theobromine (from Theobroma cacao) to enhance mental alertness and support your energy needs.

With the addition of VASO6® (from Camellia sinensis) you are sure to achieve next level results.

The addition of vitamin B12 may help your energy metabolism and reduce mental fatigue. While Vitamin B6 may help support amino acid metabolism and nutrient recovery.


Each serve of Power Switch by Switch Nutrition has:

• Natural caffeine
• B-Vitamins
• Antioxidant rich Green Tea
• Polyphenols from Theobroma Cacao
• Alpina Galanga (EnXtra)

Consume 1 scoop of Power Switch in 500ml of water before activity or whenever you need a boost.

When you have Power Switch by Switch Nutrition, you’ll:

• Increase mental energy
• Improve mental focus
• Enhance mental alertness
• Reduce mental tiredness
• Reduce mental fatigue
• Have no crash, no jitters
• Enjoy long lasting benefits
• Perform off the grid with extra power

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