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White Wolf brings to you an industry-leading Greens Blend scientifically formulated to boost your body's natural immune function. What makes this formula so revolutionary? Everything is in the ingredients. Larch Arabinogalactan and Cell Charge are included in the mix to help with immunological health, nutrient absorption, and vitality. Thyme Oil, Oregano Oil, Clove Oil, and Peppermint Oil have been incorporated into the formula to provide anti-microbial support. Citrus Bioflavonoid, Bromelain, Quercetin, and Zinc Citrate have been combined to provide anti-inflammatory properties. Including the world's first blend of Anti parasitic essential oils, and gut-specific raw organic whole foods to improve gut health and increase nutrient absorption while decreasing bloating.

Benefits of White Wolf’s Greens Gut Health and Immunity include:

  • Antioxidant Rich.
  • Aided Digestion and gut health.
  • Increased collagen production.

Finally, important components Probiotic LactoSpore, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Apple Pectin, and Green Banana Resistance Starch have been introduced to assist rebuild your gut and provide prebiotic and probiotic support. The icing on the cake? A raw whole foods blend has been added to the mix to provide an organic functional food blend for nutritional support, delivering the advantages of a variety of nutrients such as broccoli, spirulina, barley grass, spinach, ginger, and more. With the help of a potent, premium quality Greens combination, you can support your immune system, digestive health, nutrient absorption, and reduce bloating.

If you want to get more out of your daily health and functionality, go no further than White Wolf Nutrition's Greens+ Gut Health & Immunity!

Mix 2 teaspoons (10g) with water, juice or your favourite smoothie. Shake for 20 seconds or until smooth.

  • All Natural
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Aids Digestion 
  • Boosts Immune System

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