What exactly are 'Nootropics'?

Nootropics are supplements that aim to improve the cognitive ability and mental performance of healthy individuals, such as improving memory, learning and concentration, as well as boosting energy and increasing motivation.

Nootropics allow users greater control over their state of mind, moods, and cognitive abilities.

In the same way as the cup of coffee in the morning can wake you up and make you ready for the day, nootropics can be used for a range of functional benefits.

Nootropics can help raise your level in many areas of your life such as; studying, gaming, training, reading and work! 

Now, just as with Alcohol or Caffeine, users may often build up a 'tolerance' to nootropics whereby the body becomes accustomed to the formula and after a while the affects that may have once been initially experienced, may not be of the same level.

This is where we recommend using a 'cycling' strategy. Cycling involves thoughtfully regulating the intake of a certain product, through having an 'ON' period (a period of time in which consumption occurs) and an 'OFF' period (a period of time in which consumption is ceased / moderated).

At Nutrition Capital, we stock a range of Nootropic formulas including:

- Faction Labs 'Attention'

- G-Fuel Energy Formula

- Qualia 'Mind'

If you would like to know any further information on Nootropics in general, or the above products, do not hesitate in contacting our stores.


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