What Is Thorne Research?

Thorne Research is a brand that stared back in the mid 1980’s with the goal in mind bringing the most innovative & purest quality products and ingredients to the world. 

As time passed Thorne perfected their branding and public image by aligning themselves in fruitful collaborations. 

We still see theses collaborations to this day such as their sponsorship of the Ultimate Fighting Champion Ships (UFC) & USA Triathlon to name a couple. 

To go one step further, some of the academic world-class collaborations Throne Research align themselves with include Columbia University, Duke University, National Institutes of Health & Universities of Austin, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina & University Hospital Birmingham. 

Thorne Research has a commitment of maintaining the highest quality through out their entire manufacturing process with going as far as removing the need for constituents such as Magnesium Stearate when making their products, which is not an easy task. Furthermore, Thorne go to the lengths of having their facility third-party tested to ensure their manufacturing procedures and facility is second-to-none leaving their products TGA approved with an A Rating, NSF Certified for Sport & cGMP (Current Goods Manufacturing Practices) set by the FDA (Food Drug Administration)

Their second commitment to consumers is to source exceptional ingredients, developing better standards for high quality ingredients.
By partnering with trusted suppliers who share Thorne Research’s values & beliefs for quality, science & responsibilities and in doing so, products can be formulated for optimal potency, absorption & digestibility.

As mentioned prior, Thorne Research go through vigorous testing through their facility that is third party tested but to go one-step-further and will go through FOUR rounds of testing through two of their laboratories, whereas competitors will test once or twice.

  1. The first round focuses on testing every raw material & scanning for contaminants.
  2. The second round ensures the correct amount ingredients are used in the formulations while also checking for any defects in the packaging throughout the manufacturing process.
  3. In the third round the products are tested to confirm the identity, potency & purity of ingredients and to confirm there are no microbiological contamination that may have occurred during manufacturing.
  4. The last round tests the products stability and to ensure the ingredients in the label will meet its claims up to its expiration date.

And the last commitment Thorne Research make is to think sustainably with their technologies and protecting botanical resources that are endangered and sourcing ingredients in a responsible way that is considerate of our environment.
Nearly all Thorne’s “Pick & Pack” System & Delivery methods are made from recycled materials & paperless. 

So, when looking for your next product, we would recommend considering Throne Research as your preferred choice knowing you are obtaining a product of the highest standard while conserving our environment.


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