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Well, if you've stumbled across this product there's probably a good reason as to why..... no point beating around the bush, if you're a bloke who needs their test levels back to normal, then lets get in to it! 

This product was designed to help kick start Testostetone production via the strategic use of Zinc Citrate, Vitamin D & D-Aspartic Acid at a huge dose of over 3g (studies we're done at 2g) and Tongkat Ali to assist with regulating cortisol to free up bound testosterone ultimately increasing Total Free Testosterone.

To further help keep muscle tissue, Laxogenin has been used to help increase nitrogen retention within the muscle, similarly to the effects to Testosterone WITHOUT the increase of testosterone to allow testosterone levels to restore natural and keep that hard earned muscle.

Now, with previously elevated Test levels (in this case highly elevated than the average person) their is bound to be some level of conversion to Estrogen (No, you're not becoming a female) and we do not want that as too much can cause water retention and in some cases Gyno. 
5% have added an Estrogen Control Complex to supress the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen and to remove and estrogenic toxins that may be floating around. 

Another area commonly overlooked is the Liver, the organ responsible for breaking down what ever "vitamins" you used prior and the Liver can take a hit from other areas too including medications, alcohol and poor lifestyle choices. To keep the liver functioning optimally and healthy, 5% have added in a liver support complex too.

Take 8 Capsules a day with your last meal or for convenience, split 4 in the morning and 4 at night with food. 

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