Ghost Vegan Protein


So you've heard of Ghost Lifestyle by now, you may have noticed how they have vegan friendly products BUT now they've taken their talents of formulations and flavourine to the plant protein market! It's a good time to be alive if you're plant-based.

Ghost Vegan is composed of Watermelon, Pumpkin and Sunflower seed protein giving it a very unique flavour profile and unparralel texture for a plant protein BUT WAIT, There's more. Ghost Vegan have brought out flavours BUT not in the usual Chocolate & Vanilla..... let's admit, its abit over done, we're bored.

Flavours, wait for it, wait for it, are you ready?

  • Peanut Butter Cereal 
  • Pancake Batter
  • Chocolate Cereal Milk
  • Banana Pancake Batter

Yep, and they're amazing! Grab yours today! 

Mix each scoop (serving) of GHOST VEGAN PROTEIN with 235-295ml of water or beverage of choice. Vary amount of liquid to taste.

  • 21G Protein from Pea, Organic Pumpkin & Watermelon Seed Protein
  • Increased Recovery 
  • Improved Lean Muscle Gain

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