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Get the extra protein intake with a hit of energy with the all-new Super Protein + Energy RTD by Nexus. This ready-to-drink protein water has 100mg of natural caffeine per can, delivering the hit of energy needed to support your goals. Enjoy this unique thirst-quenching protein water drink any time you need to replenish protein and energy.

Each can contain 15.5g of lightly sparkling protein water and 100mg of natural caffeine, zero fat, sugar or gluten and is super low in carbohydrates with less than 1g per can. Super Protein + Energy RTD contains clinically dosed ingredients that deliver natural energy on the go plus assist muscle conditioning with collagen protein.

The team at Nexus Sports Nutrition has come up with the newest and never-seen-before protein water and caffeine. Get the extra protein before, during or after your workout. Every sip you take will send your tastebuds to a cool, invigorating summer escape.

Crack open a can and enjoy it!

Perfect for an on-the-go energy uplift, whether its between meetings, during that mid-afternoon slump, or to accompany your workout routine.

Avoid consuming close to bed time.

  • Support fitness and body goals
  • Support natural energy levels and mental focus
  • Encourages collagen synthesis for skin and joint care
  • Support pro-collagen and elastin production
  • Aim to complement the development of lean body mass
  • Delicious thirst-quenching flavours
  • Only 65 calories per can and less than 1g of carbohydrates
  • Contains AstraGin to enhance nutrient absorption and support gut health and microbiota population in the gut.

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