Welltech Cardaclen Powder


Cardaclen is a potent thermogenic formula, designed to promote fat loss and assist with appetite suppression.

This formulation encourages metabolic activity to efficiently support weight loss whilst maintaining lean muscle mass.

Active Ingredients Per Serve:

3000mg - Glycine 

1000mg - Taurine 

600mcg - T2 

100mcg - Lupin Extract and Collagen Derived Peptide Decapeptide-2 

100mg - 2-Isopropyl-N,2,3-trimethylbutyramide 

5mg - N-Coumaroyldopamine 

7mg - Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 


Citric Acid

Sweetener E 950

Natural Flavours

Colour E 124

Take 10g (1 scoop) in 200ml-300ml of water daily. 

Best taken in the morning or before training.

  • Appetite suppression
  • Increase in energy and endurance
  • Decreased body fat
  • Catabolism prevention
  • Reduced cravings
  • Encouraged metabolic support

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